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The easiest way to download torrent fast, safe and secure, without any configuration needed.

Why ZbigZ Premium

Stop all the frustration on torrent downloading. With ZbigZ premium, you need only your web-browser and internet connection. Just paste the link or upload .torrent file. ZbigZ online client will download on behalf of you, and you just play the complete downloaded file online or save it to your computer device. No throttling and blocking. Simple, Secure and Save Time, Enjoy More.

Premium Features

Save Your Time, Enjoy More

Maximum caching and download speed

Speed without limitations. You will recieve our maximum bandwidth. We takes seriously our servers’ bandwidth possibilities.

Unlimited file storage size

Store as many files as you want. ZbigZ do not set limits for premium accounts.

Unlimited storage period

Your files will be available for you for unlimited period. You can download them at any moment.

No network & ISP restrictions

Download torrents file despite your ISP or network administrator restrict it. Safe and secure.

Online Video & Music streaming

Play your video & music file on the cloud.

Unlimited simultaneous downloads

Unlimited simultaneous downloads help you to get your files faster than others.

Get Premium

Pay less, great conveniences, enjoy more.

5 Days ZbigZ Premium

RM 11 RM23

1 Month ZbigZ Premium

RM 23 RM47

3 Months ZbigZ Premium

RM 55 RM116

6 Months ZbigZ Premium

RM 109 RM218

1 Year ZbigZ Premium

RM 195 RM395

How it works?

How we help you to save time and enjoy more?

Overcome BitTorrent Disadvantages

Software Installation

To use the network you need to install some software. A fairly wide selection of different software is available. Some of them are good enough and quite simple but you do need to understand the basic working principles of BitTorrent and have some skills in network configuration (routers, firewalls etc.) to make it work really effectively.

Using Zbigz you will avoid this. We have already configured everything for you. You do not need to download or install anything.


Your needed files is in the bit torrent network but it could be unavailable. This means that the “owner” is not connected to the network right now and you have to wait for his appearance. You have to be connected 24/7 to get what you want.

Our servers hunt without breaks. We will download it for you and notify you about it. You just need to login to your account and download it!


Using BitTorrent you are absolutely open. It means that everybody in the network knows about you and your activity. Everybody knows what, when and how many downloads you have made. It is one of the main principles of a BitTorrent network and nobody can avoid it using the usual ways.

When you use Zbigz you are shielded behind us. All your activity is on behalf of Zbigz. You are absolutely anonymous

Throttling & Blocking

Many network administrator block bit torrent protocol from the network mainly due to huge bandwidth consumtion. The same goes to majority ISP, they don't like bit torrent because it affect overall customer experiences. Many ISP choose to throttling bit torrent traffic.

With ZbigZ, you won't be hogging all the bandwidth. The bandwidth that you consume just like normal http file download.


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